Anxiety Symptoms, Causes and Testing Techniques

Anxiety Symptoms

Main Anxiety Symptoms:

• Constant worry
• Restlessness and tension
• Trembling
• Sweating
• Heart palpitations
• Weakness or tiredness
• Lump in the throat
• Feeling powerless

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• Feeling of impending doom
• Dizziness
• Sleep disturbance
• Appetite changes
• Rapid pulse or high blood pressure
• Muscle tension
• Chest pains
• Hyperventilation
• Panic attacks
• Difficulty concentrating
• Headache

Root Causes

• Stress
• Caffeine
• Sugar
• Nicotine
• Alcohol and street drugs
• Prescription medications
• Disturbed sleep
Food allergies
• Environmental toxins
• Poor nutrition
• Thyroid problems
• Mitral valve prolapsed
• Low blood sugar
• Adrenal disorders
• Neurotransmitter imbalance

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Testing Techniques

The following tests can give you an assessment of possible metabolic reasons for your anxiety:

Hormone analysis by saliva, urine, or blood (estrogens, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, thyroid panel). DHEA and cortisol are of particular importance.
Fasting blood sugar
Food allergy/sensitivity testing
Neurotransmitter testing—urine, blood