Things you should know to apply makeup correctly

How to Apply Makeup Correctly

Your makeup is one of the four basic pillars of beauty – the others being your hair, nails and your personal style. Makeup Correctly: Makeup plays an important part in making the others look perfect and beautiful. A perfect makeup base will make you look naturally flawless and beautiful while bad makeup may result in disasters.

Skin prepping is nothing but preparing your skin for makeup as if it’s a canvas for painting. Now why do you need to prep skin for makeup? That’s because we have different skin types and all makeup won’t be suiting all skins. Suppose if our skin is extra oily, then we need to make it oil-free so that the makeup we put on doesn’t slide after some time.

Remember if you have an uneven skin texture, you’ll waste your time applying makeup. Your makeup will emerge out uneven. So, to make things easier we’ll share with you step-by-step on how to prepare your skin for makeup.

How to Prepare Skin For Makeup?

The first and foremost thing you should remember while preparing your face for makeup is whether you are using water-based or oil-based makeup products. This is important to know because if you are using an oil-based moisturizer with water-based foundation, it won’t mix.

Oil and water never mixes, no matter how much you try. Makeup Correctly. So next time, whenever you go to pick up any makeup product keep in mind that either get water-based or oil-based products. This is the biggest reason why makeup won’t last and yet the last thing that women ever think about.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

First, cleanse your face with a pH balanced product; don’t use anything that leaves a film.

Step 2: Dap Some Toner

Use a toner. Now this is optional. If your skin excretes excess oil, toner comes handy in ridding your skin of that oil. Suppose you’re going out and you don’t have time to wash your face, apply a some toner on your skin. It will give your face a fresh lift instantly.

Step 3: Apply Moisturizer

Moisturize or use a primer, don’t use both together. Piling two or three layers of cream will make your makeup to slide. Don’t use moisturizer on your eyelids. Make sure atleast one of the products contain sunscreen.

Emergency Skin Preparation:

A quick fix if you don’t have so much time to do for your skin. Just wipe your face with alcohol-free and perfume-free baby wipes. Don’t use the cosmetic makeup wipes as they leave a creamy residue. You won’t be able to blend the makeup.

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How to Apply Makeup Correctly ? – Tutorial

Here are a few step by step directions for you to follow so that you have no doubts on how to apply makeup perfectly.

Step 1: Know Your Skin Type

The first and foremost step before applying makeup is to determine your skin type.
Usually, people have the skin: oily, dry, combination and normal skin types.

Step 2: Get Your Face Ready

• The Makeup is like an art where your goal is to make your face look as natural as possible, even though you may be using a lot of products.
• The first and foremost thing is to keep your skin healthy.
• Go for facials and keep your skin hydrated
• Try to use a deep cleansing face mask to cleanse the face from any dirt or oil that may be left over.
• Exfoliate your skin if you have dull and dry skin to help remove dead skin layers or patches.

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• Remember that oily and sensitive skin may get irritated by exfoliation. Resist exfoliation if you have pimples or blemishes to stop bacteria from spreading.
• Apply a toner on a damp cotton pad and sweep it over the face gently. Using a toner will make sure that the pH balance is restored and it will pick up any remaining dirt too. Makeup Correctly.
• Once done, apply a moisturizer irrespective of any skin type. Use a light moisturizer if you have an oily skin and use a heavy one if your skin lacks moisture.

Step 3: Applying Primer

• Wait for the moisturizer to soak in for 2 to 5 minutes.
• Now take a primer and apply it on the face. Applying a primer will ensure you have a smooth surface to work on.
• It will make it easier to apply the foundation
• It will also keep the makeup lasting longer.

Step 4: Applying Concealer

• Now take your concealer and apply it in the under the eye area or on any blemishes or spots which need to be concealed.
• In the under eye area use little stripes of the concealer and the blend with the ring finger. The ring finger has the lightest touch so it’s best to opt for it when blending in delicate areas like the under eye area.
• Make sure you dab the concealer instead of rubbing it in.

Step 5: Applying Foundation

• Choosing the right base can be difficult.
• In general, the basics of powder and liquid are good for oily skin, while dry skin is better with cream.
• Take the base and lightly apply a small amount on the face. Use two stitches on the forehead, two each on the cheeks, a point on the nose and one on the cheeks.
• Use a foundation brush, or sponge mix or just your hand to mix it.
• Mix well and do not forget to mix well, especially in the hair line, the smile line and the upper lip area.

Step 6: Touchups

• Take the concealer again and check whether you need any touchups or spots to address.
• Using it again will ensure that some very hard to conceal spots are concealed and redness is minimized.
• You may use a pointed brush to blend it to make it look more natural.

Step 7: Applying Blush Makeup Correctly.

For a more natural looking blush use the cream blush right after applying foundation. A cream blush looks more natural and can be easily rectified in case of a makeup mistake.

• A powdered blush can be difficult, as you will have to do it again from the start in case of any mistake.
• Use the cream blush on the apples of your cheek. Simply smile and blend in from the apples to the temples using a brush or just your fingers.
• Use gentle strokes while blending.
• After blending, check on both sides of the cheek to see whether the result is as desired.
• If you want more intensity, use more blush and blend in as instructed above.

Step 8: Applying Eyeshadow

Here are detailed steps on how to do perfect eye makeup.

• Now for the best eye shadow application use an eye primer to prime the eyelids.
• If you have an oily lid then this is a compulsory step for you. The primer will help keep the oils away while keeping the eye makeup last longer.
• If you want a shimmery eye look then use a shimmery primer to prime the eyes. This is great if you have not been able to tweeze the brows and there are stray hairs under the brow. This step will help conceal them too.

• A silvery primer will look great on fair skin while a golden one will look great on a medium or darker skin tone.
• Apply the primer from the lash line and till the brow bone.
• You can also use this shimmery primer just in the inner corners of the eyes to make it pop.
• Apply a golden eye shadow on the lids and blend in well.
• Smoothen out any harsh lines and do not apply any cream shade above it.
• Also, you can dust a bit of translucent powder to seal up all the creamy eye shadows.

• If you want a simple everyday look use non-shimmery and natural colors like browns, nudes, pastels or taupe. These look great for daily wear.
• For those occasions where you need to add more colors, wine shades, purple, reds, green and blues do a great job.
• Invest in some good eyeshadows.
• If you are using cream shadows either top it with a translucent powder or apply a same shaded eye shadow powder to seal it in place.


Step 9: Applying Eyeliner

• Use brown or black eye pencil to line your eyes.
• Use brown eye liner for a subtle look and black for a more defined eye look.
• If you want to stay away from shadows you can use only eye liners as well.
• Line the lids and also the inner rim of the eyes with kohl or eye pencil.
• You may use gel or liquid liners to line them.

Step 10: Applying Mascara Makeup Correctly.

• Now use your eye lash curler to gently curl your lashes.
• Add false lashes if necessary (makeup correctly).
• Do keep in mind to choose the lash glue carefully. For a more natural looking eye lash, use the darker glue so that it can be camouflaged with the eye shadow or liner easily.
• If you have very thin eye lashes use a coat of mascara on the lashes and then curl them.
• Now apply another layer of mascara to make it look thicker and full.
• If you use false lashes, first apply them and then curl them along with the natural lashes.
• Once done, apply mascara.

Step 11: Doing Your Brows

• Now fill in your brows with a brow pencil or use a bit of powder eye shadow to fill the gaps of the eyebrow, if any.
• Use a brow brush to tame the brows or use a clear mascara to keep them tamed throughout the day.

Step 12: Applying Lipstick

• How to do perfect lip makeup? Before you use any color, check if your lips are dry or chapped.
• If you have chapped lips take a damp washcloth and gently rub over the lips to remove the dead skin. Makeup Correctly: Alternatively, you can use a damp toothbrush to do the same.
• Next, apply a lip balm and let it sit for 2 minutes.
• Now gently remove excess balm using a blotting paper or a napkin.
• Once that is taken care of, apply the lipstick.

• If you want the lip color to stay all day, use a matching or nude lip liner underneath.
• Apply the lip pencil and fill in the lips.
• Now apply the lipstick either directly from the tube or use a lip brush.
• Once you have applied it, blot and reapply another layer. This ensures that the color stays for a longer time.
• Add a layer of gloss for added shine.

How To Fix Makeup Blunders?


One of the biggest mistakes that woman generally make while doing makeup is that they always try to look fairer and in such an attempt they choose either a too light shade which doesn’t blend well with the skin and makes you look pale and your hands and other body parts doesn’t match, and the white-skinned western girls try to go for a tanned look and choose a much darker shade which only makes them look dirty not tanned.

The proper way to choose the foundation color is to take a little amount of it on your finger tips and blend it on your jawline or neckline. If you can’t see it after it’s properly blended, then that’s the right color for you. Makeup Correctly.
Always blend well foundation, on your face and neck and exposed chest part so that the colors match, if your hands are dark, then on your hands also.

Now let’s come to fixing your foundation, if you have put too much on your face, take a moistened piece of tissue or a moistened makeup sponge and dab it on your face softly and take off the excess foundation, don’t do it with too much pressure.

Excess Concealer:

Makeup Correctly. When you have put excess foundation or concealer around your eyes: then also perform the basic foundation removing steps as mentioned above.

Lip Liner:

It is supposed to align the natural lining of the lips and not make them look bigger.
Choose a neutral shade or a shade a little brighter than your lipstick color and line carefully the natural lining of your lips and then fill in with liner first and then lipstick or directly the lipstick with a brush.
What to do in case you have put on too much lip liner? Take few drops of makeup remover cream or lotion on a makeup sponge and carefully remove the line without disturbing the lipstick.


When you have put a color which doesn’t match your makeup or you wanna lighten or remove it , take a moistened tissue paper , fold it into half and kiss it again and again putting it between your upper and lower lips , you will see the lipstick lightens and lightens as you kiss the tissue. The tissue soaks your lipstick color. No need to moisten it.

Lip Gloss:

When you have put too much lip gloss, then what you can do is you can dab on some talcum powder or your compact powder on a tissue paper and then perform the tissue kissing steps as mentioned above.

Overbrow Plucking and Coloring:

If you over plucked , then in smooth hands, apply dot by dot, i.e., in a dotted fashion, with an eye brow pencil to correct your brow look. Choose a color most natural to your hair color or a tone lighter than that.


Mascara should be applied to a maximum of two to three coats, any more and your lashes will look spiky and unnatural. Makeup Correctly: To solve this problem, comb through your lashes with a clean eyelash comb, until the mascara clumps on your lashes are gone.


Makeup Correctly: You have always till now perhaps applied blush after applying foundation, now it’s time for change, because the most perfect blush selection is something near to your natural lip color and to apply it with a big full blush brush (preferably buy it separately because these doesn’t come with the blush generally) and that too you should apply it before applying foundation to achieve that perfect look. Don’t apply too much , coz if you do then you will look like a clown.

If you have already applied too much, then just dab on with your compact powder or a bit more of your foundation to achieve correction.

Black Eye Makeup – The Look of Dark Circles

Makeup Correctly: If you are someone who has the habit of rubbing their eyes, then you may end up smudging up your eye makeup which will give you a dark circle look.
So lets say the rule to keeping good eye makeup is choosing an eye liner that’s very near to your hair color or a tone darker to that and keeping the lining as close to your water line and lash line as possible.

When applying eye shadow keep in mind not to extend it up to the brows , keep it as much to the lids as possible.
If you have over applied, take a Q-tipped brush dabbed in makeup remover and remove and reapply.
If your lower or upper eye contour looks darker, apply foundation on it with a Q-tip brush very gently to fix the color. Makeup Correctly.