Chamomile: The ancient Mexicans used chamomile to treat digestive disorders such as vomiting, gastritis, dysentery, indigestion, colic, bile and stomach infection.

The same cooking of chamomile, but cold and used externally, serves for eye conditions such as inflammation, irritation, fatigue and conjunctivitis; Chamomilla is also recommended to calm menstrual cramps.

Chamomile, one of the plants accepted as medicinal for therapeutic purposes.

Highly recommend for various physical ailments and not only in pills and drops approved for use in the country, “they are also very effective in infusions and applications.”

Chamomile for the treatment of digestive disorders and an for inflammations and irritations of the skin and muscosas. The medicinal part is flowers, this plant is also aromatic.

Other uses of chamomile

For stomach cramps and colon inflammations: make an infusion of chamomile, either an aromatic bag or the plant as long as it is fresh. In that case, 15 grams of flowers or branches: use per liter of water, this water “helps control gases, colics and colon inflammations”.

For insomnia: According to the National Institute of Health of the United States. Prepare *chamomile tea and oil for aromatherapy, also combat insomnia. This plant is a sleep inducer.

To lighten blonde hair: Chamomile essential oil.

For toothache: Placing a warm *chamomile cloth over the toothache.

For the skin: chamomile use as a mild antiseptic; to treat gout, herpes, skin conditions and rheumatic pain.

*Chamomile for the eyes: “The decoction in the form of poultices or baths use for eye irritation, conjunctivitis, fatigue, ophthalmias”. The sterile eye drops that are already in the market and that serve to make a correct eye hygiene.

Headache: Chamomile infusions also help relieve migraine and less severe headaches.

Above all, for asthma and flu: mixed with mint works for this disease, in infusion.