What is collagen and what is it for

Collagen: Our joints, our bones and muscles, our gums, our teeth and the skin. Are formed by a main component, collagen, which in turn is the most abundant protein in our body.

Collagen, moreover, is a molecule that forms fibers so resistant that our digestive system can not digest it. But we need it, for that reason, the collagen is assimilated or hydrolyzed. That is, a soluble food ingredient and is at that moment when our body can digest it.

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The assimilable collagen

Is in natural broths of meat or fish. But these foods, in addition to requiring long preparation times have a high fat content. So we do not usually consume them regularly.

For this reason, the most effective to consume the necessary amount is hydrolyzed collagen. A healthy protein nutrient and easily assimilated and very comfortable to incorporate into our diet.

The goal of consuming collagen is to help conserve our muscle mass and try to keep our bones in the right conditions. Which allow us to lead the best possible life.

One of the reasons why athletes consume collagen is precisely why, to keep their bones and joints in perfect condition. Since the realization of any sport involves bone and muscle wear.

Since we are dealing with this issue, we are going to take advantage of this to deny one of the many urban legends that we can hear and that is the following one; the “vegetal *collagen” does not exist because the plants do not require it, they do not have it, they do not produce it and it is for a reason as real as it is obvious, they do not have bones, nor muscles … nor move.

We also take this opportunity to explain that “marine *collagen” does not come from algae of any kind or species, but from fish bones, scales and fish skins.