Colon Cleanser

Colon Cleanser, it is not uncommon to receive advertisements or read in magazines about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. Claiming that it eliminates accumulated waste in the large intestine, from toxins to bacteria and parasites. This would result in multiple benefits, such as the end of constipation and a better appearance of the skin, arguments that have seduced even some Hollywood stars, who would submit regularly to this kind of “intestinal cleansing”.

However, specialists in digestive diseases warn that it is an alternative therapy and that there is little scientific evidence to support or refute its benefits.

Colon Cleanser in general terms.

Retrograde colon hydrotherapy consists of introducing a double-circulation cannula through the rectum. So that -by means of a pump- water enters through one route and exits through another with depositions. While this happens, the person who performs the therapy – a chiropractor or other trained professional – performs abdominal massages. So that the fluid reaches the segments of the colon furthest from the rectum. Colon Cleanser, the average time is 30 minutes. The amount of water that runs through this system is very variable, but can reach high volumes.

It is an alternative therapy that emerged in the nineteenth century and is currently used in many countries. Such as the United States and England. In fact, in the latter a study was carried out, published in July 2004 in the journal Colorectal, which concludes that retrograde colon hydrotherapy is a therapeutic reality, with an estimated number of 5,600 procedures per month in the United Kingdom. Colon Cleanser, practitioners would be well-known and a high proportion of them would have medical experience, while clients believe that this therapy detoxifies them.

Colon Cleanser, considering the medical history of patients is essential before carrying out therapies of this type. Since the procedure can be risky in patients with acute intestinal ulcers or intestinal perforation. Previous colon surgery, cancerous tumor of the colon, hypertension or acute phase hemorrhoids , among other.

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