Cholesterol Nutrients and Herbs

Cholesterol Nutrients

Below is a table, detailing the properties and benefits of several “Cholesterol Nutrients”:


Suggested Dosage


Apple pectin As directed on label. Lowers cholesterol levels by binding fats and heavy metals.

Cholesterol Nutrients

As directed on label. To prevent hypocalcemia, or low calcium levels. Use calcium aspartate form.
Chinese red yeast rice extract 2.4 g daily. Has cholesterol-lowering properties.
Chromium picolinate

Cholesterol Nutrients

400-600 mcg daily. Lowers total cholesterol levels and improves HDL-to-LDL ratio.
Coenzyme Q10 60 mg daily. Improves circulation.
plus Coenzyme A from Coenzyme-A Technologies As directed on label. Works well with coenzyme Q10, to streamline metabolism, process fats, remove toxins from the body, and boost the immune system.
Cholesterol Nutrients

Fiber (oat bran or guar gum)


As directed on label, ½ hour before the first meal of the day. Take separately from other supplements and medications. Helps to lower cholesterol.
Garlic (Kyolic from Wakunaga) 2 capsules 3 times daily. Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Cholesterol Nutrients

As directed on label. Studies conducted using 4 grams of carnitine daily for 12 months showed lowered death rates and lowered cholesterol levels in people who had had heart attacks.
Lecithin granules 1 tbsp 3 times daily, before meals. Lowers cholesterol. A fat emulsifier.
or capsules 1,200 mg 3 times daily, before meals.

Cholesterol Nutrients

Lipotropic factors As directed on label. Substances that prevent fat deposits (as in atherosclerosis).
Vitamin A with mixed carotenoids As directed on label. If you are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, your lycopene levels will be reduced. Lycopene is one of the carotenoids that boosts the immune system.
Vitamin B complex As directed on label. B vitamins work best when taken together.
plus extra vitamin B1 (thiamine) Cholesterol Nutrients Important in controlling cholesterol levels.
and vitamin B3 (niacin) 300 mg daily. Do not exceed this amount. Lowers cholesterol. Do not use a sustained-release formula, and do not substitute niacinamide for niacin.
Caution: Do not take niacin if you have a liver disorder, gout, or high blood pressure.
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 3,000-8,000 mg daily, in divided doses. Lowers cholesterol.
Vitamin E 200 IU daily or 400 IU every other day. Improves circulation. Use an emulsion form for rapid assimilation. Use d-alpha-tocopherol form.
Essential fatty acids (black currant seed oil, borage oil, fish oil, primrose oil, or Kyolic-EPA from Wakunaga) As directed on label. Take with vitamin E as recommended above. Thins the blood.
Heart Science from Source Naturals As directed on label. Contains antioxidants to lower cholesterol, plus herbs, vitamins, and other nutrients that protect the heart and promote healthy cardiovascular function.
Proteolytic enzymes As directed on label. Take with meals and between meals. Aids digestion.
Caution: Do not give this supplement to a child.
Selenium 200 mcg daily. If you are pregnant, do not exceed 40 mcg daily. Deficiency has been linked to heart disease.
Shiitake extract As directed on label. Helps to control and lower cholesterol levels.
or reishi extract As directed on label.

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Cholesterol Herbs

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❑ Cayenne (capsicum), goldenseal, and hawthorn berries help to lower cholesterol.
Caution: Do not take goldenseal internally on a daily basis for more than one week at a time. Do not use it during pregnancy or if you are breast-feeding, and use with caution if you are allergic to ragweed. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma, use it only under a doctor’s supervision.

❑ Cinnamon has been shown to lower cholesterol.