Tips to achieve long and strong eyelashes

How to care for natural eyelashes*

The eyelashes, in addition to highlighting the appearance and beauty of the face, have a very important role in the protection of the eyes and eye health. So, if we want to keep lashes healthy, strong and in perfect condition, it is essential to take care of them and avoid certain practices, which can damage them, weaken them and even cause their premature fall.
Therefore, well-maintained eyelashes, mark the look and give personality to our eyes.

Tips to care for and improve of natural eyelashes*

1- Daily brushing of eyelashes*

It is an excellent practice to keep eyelashes healthy, and favor their growth.
Buy an eyelash brush and proceed to comb the eyelashes, always from the bottom up, starting at the root, until you reach the end. Also, you can apply a few drops of castor oil, or almond oil, to strengthen them.

2- Cleaning and makeup removal

It is important to remove make-up, with a product, not greasy and that keeps the skin hydrated.
Do not make strong friction movements, and place the cotton disc, over the eye, for about eight seconds, so that the paint softens and then remove it with gentle movements and in the direction of the eyelashes.
To remove a waterproof eyelash mask, use biphasic lotions, which contain an aqueous base and an oily base.

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3- It is important to nourish the eyelashes*

Good nutrition is good advice, so that your eyelashes grow thicker, stronger and more beautiful.
Therefore, apply at night, on the eyelashes, a little vaseline or castor oil, olive oil, or almond oil or an infusion of chamomile, with the help of an ear stick.

4- Products for the treatment of eyelashes*

Look for cosmetics that repair, revitalize and stimulate the growth of eyelashes*. To do this, they must contain the following essential ingredients:

  • MDN (Methylamido-Dihydro-Noralfaprostal): This active complex stimulates the root of the eyelashes*, to obtain greater growth of the eyelashes, and make them stronger and thicker.
  • Biokeratin complex: strongly stimulates the growth of eyelashes*, thanks to biotin (Vitamin B7).
  • Panthenol: Strengthens and restructures the eyelashes from the inside, giving the sensation of density.
  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizes and provides flexibility to the eyelashes*.

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5- The right mascara

To complete eyelash care, you must use a suitable mascara, with the following characteristics:
-Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
-Easy to remove, without damaging the eyelashes*, or irritating the eye.
-Must contain moisturizing agents, such as panthenol, castor oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.

6- The eyelash curler

The use of the eyelash curler, allows to show longer and curved eyelashes*, which beautifies the entire face. However, use this element, very sparingly, because it can weaken the eyelashes and make them brittle.

Natural supplements to nourish the eyelashes

The following products can contribute to improving the health of eyelashes. They are natural products, with moisturizing properties.

Castor oil

Promotes the growth of eyelashes*, makes them look more abundant and long. Apply with the brush of a mascara, every night before bed and do not rinse.

Almond oil

Almond oil is widely used to moisturize eyelashes* and stimulate their growth. Therefore, it is a rich source of vitamin E, fats, magnesium and calcium.

Olive oil

Olive oil nourishes the eyelashes. For example, rub the oil with your fingertips, over the eyelashes* at night, always from the bottom up.


Similarly, you can get dazzling eyelashes, with a little petroleum jelly. You will only have to apply petroleum jelly on the eyelashes*, so that they look longer and with greater volume.