Makeup: according to your eye color

It’s important to consider your eye color when deciding on shades of eye makeup. Matching your eye shadow to your eye color can look too monochromatic, so instead we’ve come up with some tips to help your natural eye color stand out. Use the tips below to decide what makeup hues work best with your eye color.

• 1- Makeup tips for blue eyes
• 2- Makeup tips for brown eyes
• 3- Makeup tips for green eyes

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Makeup tips for blue eyes

• Eyeshadow
For the office, stick with eyeshadow in brown, rose, terracotta and neutral shades. Embrace the idea of purple eyeshadow to really accentuate the color of your eyes. Lavender works for daytime, while deep plum is a wonderful option for evening. For a special night out, blue-eyed women also can try metallics (both silver and gold work well), turquoise and icy pink.
But let’s not forget, skin tone also comes into play when choosing the right eyeshadow for your shade of blue.
Choose shadows with warm yellow/orange undertones like champagne, gold, bronze, peach, rose gold and toasty almond/coffee shades. The contrast will make your eyes stand out like crazy and look especially great on blue-eyed girls with golden tans.

If you’ve got blue eyes and fair skin, try combos based on pink undertones, like milk chocolate, taupe, mauve and blush. These shades look lovely and really enhance blue eyes without overpowering a fair complexion.
A vibrant navy or cobalt paired with lighter blue eyes can look very sophisticated. You’ll have to experiment and see what shades work for your specific eye color.
Any blue shadows that match your eye shade exactly can actually make your eye color look dull by comparison.

• The smoky look
For evening, dark blue mascara looks fabulous on blue eyes, especially when paired with smudged charcoal eyeliner. Try smoky eye makeup using charcoal gray or purple shadow. “Blue eyes, choose dark blue (the dark blue tones can help to bring out the natural blue tones in your eyes), gray, silver, violet or lavender.
For night time, blue combined with black is a great look. Also, for eyeliner or mascara, try navy instead of black for a dramatic, yet less intense look.
Black eyeliners can sometimes feel too dark, depending on how pale blue your eyes are, and though the black shades will define your eyes in a dramatic way, it will not make your blue eyes pop or appear bluer.

• Eyeliner
For the blue-eyed girls who are ready to mix it up and try something new, choose navy/deep blue, dark chocolate brown or even violet/purple shades to enhance your eye color. Using a bronze eyeliner is your best option for making your eyes stand out. You can never go wrong with a bronzy brown shade.

• Lips
Lipstick makes a huge difference when you have light eyes. If you’ve never tried a pop of color on your lips, you might be surprised to find that it really balances your features and brightens the color of your eyes even more.
Go classic with a bright red, fun and flirty with a hot pink or easy and wearable with a berry shade that works on literally any skin tone.
For your cheeks, dust on a sweep of blush in a light and natural hue.
Peach, coral and bronze shades can make most blue eyes appear bluer.

Best makeup for women with brown eyes

Since brown doesn’t have an opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, most eye makeup colors will work for women with brown eyes. Follow these simple makeup tips for brown-eyed gals to look your best and enhance your natural beauty.
Brown eyes are the one color that most eyeshadow colors work well on.
The determining factor is usually the depth of the eye color — are they almost black, or are they medium brown?” Women with brown eyes can also pull off both black and brown eyeliner (brown works best in the day and black at night).

For deep brown eyes

If your eyes are dark brown, medium to dark shades of eyeshadow will work for you. Try plum, forest green or charcoal gray. Check out the flecks of lighter color in your eyes and use those hues to select your eyeliner color.
For darker brown eyes, also try dark browns or mauves. Gold and bronze is also beautiful on dark brown eyes.

For medium brown eyes

Medium to light brown eyes can try green, violet or bronze colored eye shadows.
You truly can wear almost any color of eye makeup if you have medium brown eyes. A purple or green eyeshadow palette can work equally well for daytime. Experiment by pairing neutral shadow with metallic eyeliner in copper or bronze for evening.

For light brown eyes

Avoid black eyeliner, if you have light brown eyes, and use dark brown or other colors instead. Apply a neutral shade of shadow on the lid, a darker hue of the same color in the crease, and then line your eyes in gold or green to reflect the flecks of color in your iris.
If your eyes are so light they are hazel, try Champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner to define the eye.

Mix things up (eye color)

Because dark colors can minimize the look of your eyes, you don’t want to use too dark of eye makeup with brown eyes. Mix things up by combining dark brown eyeliner with light eyeshadow to put the focus on your eyes, making them look big and bright.
For a spectacular evening look, brown-eyed ladies should try a metallic silver shadow on the lid paired with a metallic plum eyeliner along the bottom lash line. You’ll knock ’em dead with this color combination that really brings out your beautiful brown eyes.

Makeup tips for green eyes

If you have green eyes, try these makeup tips to bring out the best in your eyes.
Play with purples
Bring out your gorgeous green eyes with purple shades of makeup. Because purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from green, it’s a great choice for green-eyed gals. To widen the look of close-set eyes, apply shades of deep plum eyeshadow toward the outer edges and a lighter shade of purple toward the inner eye. If your eyelids are a little droopy, do the opposite. Avoid purples with blue undertones, as well as blue eyeshadow and eyeliner. If deep shades of purple are a little too much for you, ease into the purple look by using grayish-lavender shadow.

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For green eyes, choose color tones such as dark green, lavender, purple, plum or lilac. Gold and copper are great for highlighting green eyes. For eyeliner, it is best to avoid black and to choose browns or gray, which are much softer and not so harsh. A general rule of thumb for green eyes is to choose warm shades vs. cooler shades. Choose mascara in a brown tone as well so the face does not look harsh or overpowered.

Avoid silver

If you want to experiment with metallics, avoid silver shades on the eyes. However, bronze, copper and gold look absolutely fabulous with green eyes for evening. Earthy brown or dark green eyeshadow with flecks of gold are also terrific choices.
Ditch the black eyeliner
Everyone loves black eyeliner but it isn’t the best choice for green-eyed women. Use chocolate brown or espresso liner for everyday wear. To spice things up, try plum or gold. To open up your eyes and make them pop, add a little white eyeliner to the inner corner near the tear duct. If you absolutely have your heart set on black liner, pick charcoal instead of true black. But believe us — brown will look much better!