Makeup according to your hair color

What color is your hair?

Factor in your hair color to determine what makeup hues work best on you. By making the proper color choices with your eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and other makeup, you can make subtle enhancements that make a big difference in your look. Use these makeup tips below as a guide for the shades and techniques that work best for women with red hair, blond hair and dark hair.

Makeup tips for blondes – Best makeup colors for blondes

For women with blond hair, some makeup colors can be too harsh or make the skin look washed out. To look your best and enhance your natural beauty, follow these makeup tips for blondes.
Blondes look best in softer tones. On the cheeks and lips, try pale pinks or peaches. Rose can also look great on the lips. For red lipstick, blondes can wear a blue-red or even an orange-based red (best for warmer skin tones).

Pretty in pink: Everyday makeup for blondes should be light and natural. Pink or beige eyeshadow, rosy blush and neutral lipstick are almost all you need. Avoid black mascara and use medium brown instead.

Glam up in silver: For a special night out, experiment with shades of silver and gray. Apply a sweep of light gray eyeshadow over the entire lid and add darker gray in the crease. Line your lower lashes with metallic silver liner and a more muted silver for the upper lashes. A coral blush and lipstick that isn’t too glossy will finish off your evening look.

Not all blondes are the same: Platinum blondes need to stick to cool colors when picking their makeup. Green, taupe and silver are fantastic picks for the eyes. Steer clear of bronze and copper. For lips, almost any shade of pink can work, and blue-reds are another terrific option. Ditch any lipstick that veers towards orange.
Honey or caramel blondes with golden skin should grab a cherry red lipstick or a shade with flecks of gold.
Golden or reddish blondes can play up their eyes with warm shade of purple, while peachy lipstick is always a safe bet.

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Consider your eye color

For eye makeup, blondes with blue eyes look best in cool shades such as gray, silver and steel blue.
Blondes with brown eyes look best in browns and plums. Eyebrows should be one shade darker than hair to define the face.
When choosing your makeup, you should also take into account your eye color and complexion. If you have a darker or olive skin tone, try earth tones. For pale blondes, don’t use eyeshadow color that is so light it washes you out.

Makeup tips for redheads

For fair-skinned redheads, makeup colors should be natural and not overpowering.
If you have red hair, follow these simple makeup tips to bring out your natural beauty.
Stay away from foundation with a red or pink base. They will make your complexion look too ruddy and clash with your hair color. Redheads should use a sheer yellow-based (or peachy) foundation that is sheer enough to let your fabulous freckles show through. Look for makeup that contains SPF 15 or above to protect your fair skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Keep eye makeup neutral

Neutral eye makeup doesn’t have to be boring. Pick eyeshadow in shades of beige, camel, honey, gold and chestnut. Apply brown eyeliner with a light hand and smudge it a little for evening. Skip the blacks — brown liner and mascara enhance the skin and hair color of redheads.
Redheads should opt for brown- or mauve-toned eye makeup with brown eyeliner or mascara (or other soft colors, such as plum). The eyeliner should also be a pencil or a powder (applied with an eyeliner brush) for a softer look vs. liquid.
When it comes to women with red hair, they can get away with warm peach-toned blush and should avoid bronzers.

Avoid red lips

The general rule is to avoid pink and red lip color if you have red hair. However, rules are meant to be broken and you should experiment and find out what works best for you. Blue- and gold-based reds can look great on some redheads.
When it comes to pinks, you might be surprised which colors will complement your hair color and skin tone. A cherry-pink or bright plum might look amazing. Select matte formulas or lip stains rather than an ultra-glossy or extra creamy lipstick.

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Makeup tips for brunettes

When selecting your makeup, consider your skin tone, eye color, and of course, your hair color. Dark-haired women are among the most versatile when it comes to makeup colors because most shades complement their lovely dark locks.

On the eyes, brunettes with brown eyes look great in brown and violet tones. If you have black hair and blue eyes, try slate gray with charcoal liner and if you have brown hair/blue eyes, try golden brown with brown liner and mascara.

Use rich lip color

Most of the time, pale pink lipstick and blush don’t flatter brunettes. Women with dark brown hair should play with richer colors of makeup instead. Tawny or spicy red lip color looks great on women with medium to dark brown hair. Coral or peach lip and cheek shades are terrific complements to light brown hair.

Experiment with eye makeup and blush colors (hair color)

Put the emphasis on your eyes with highly-pigmented shadow, smudged eyeliner and two coats of dark brown mascara. Brunettes with brown eyes can use almost any color of eyeshadow. Green-eyed brunettes look awesome with purple shadow and charcoal eyeliner. Keep the rest of your face natural with barely-there cheek color and just a touch of lip gloss.
On the cheeks and lips, brunettes look great in warm pinks, rosy browns and bronzers.

Apply bronzer to the cheeks and up towards the eyes. Follow with a hint of warm pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. Reds need to be chosen carefully — brunettes should choose a blue-red; otherwise they can look clown-like. For anyone wearing red lipstick, a rule of thumb is light cheeks and eye makeup to offset the bold lip color.
As for eyebrows, they should be one to two shades lighter than hair color to soften the face.

Consider your highlights

When selecting your cosmetics, consider not just your main hair color but also your highlights. Brunettes with true blond highlights can wear makeup with pink undertones better than brown-eyed girls with red highlights can.
If you have chocolate brown hair and a medium to dark complexion, select honey shades of cosmetics and experiment with metallics on the eyes. However if you are fair-skinned, avoid mauve lip or cheek color and silver eye makeup.
If you have dark hair, stick to richer colors of makeup with the spicy reds, peaches and corals in your lipstick and the deep eyeshadow tones for your eyes.