The Latest Trend In Pedicure – At-Home Pedicure Guide

You can give yourself an at-home pedicure with a little practice, a few professional tips and tricks, and some basic tools.

Remove Nail Polish

Take off your old nail polish from toenails with nail polish remover. The classic cotton ball and bottled remover is okay.
Acetone nail polish remover will degrade your nails health.
Always use an acetone-free nail polish remover to prevent separate, chipped or yellowed toenails.

Soak Your Feet

Prepare your feet for exfoliation with a “soothing foot soak”. As you fill your tub with the hot water, sprinkle some rejuvenating foot salts to refresh tired toes. Toss a few smooth stones into the tub and move your feet over them for a gentle foot massage.
Relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Add a natural antiseptic, such as tea tree oil, to keep foot fungus at bay.

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Massage Cuticle Oil

Dry your toes with a towel and Use your fingers to massage a drop of cuticle oil into each toenail. The cuticle oil will further soften your cuticles and prep them for shaping. Shaping the cuticle without moisturizing it first can cause rips and tears in the skin that protects your nail. Oil is essential.

Scrub Your Feet

While the cuticle oil works wonders on the skin around your nails, grab a soft bristle nail brush and scrub under your toenails.
Use a foot scrub or body scrub to remove dead skin cells from your feet and lower legs. Be firm while scrubbing, but don’t draw blood. We are targeting dead skin cells, not all skin cells.

Push Back Your Cuticles (pedicure)

Your cuticles are your toenails’ first line of defense against nasty infections. Never clip or cut them, but make sure to shape them with a cuticle pusher, because if they take too much of your toenail’s real estate they will smother your nail’s growth. Push, don’t hack. Once you’ve finished with your cuticles, dip your feet back in the tub and wash off the excess scrub and oils. Set a towel in the microwave and dry your feet.

Pamper Your Heels

Your heels are the toughest, roughest part of your feet, and a foot scrub is not enough to get your feet through this rough patch. Banish hideous heels by applying slight pressure and rubbing a pumice stone in circular motions on the toughest parts of your feet. This will remove hardened, dead skin without scraping your soles raw. Alternatively, you can use a razor or callus-melting gel on your heels.

Clip Your Toenails

Cut your toenails to desired length with a sharp toenail clipper. To keep the toenail from breaking or splitting, clip little sections instead of the whole nail at once. Also, be sure not to round the end of your toenails too drastically, because extreme rounded edges are the main culprit of painful ingrown nails.

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Shape Your Toenails

Make sure your nails are completely dry and file your toenails flat across the top with slightly rounded edges to keep them from tattering your tights. File in one direction to keep the layers of protein that make up your nail from splitting.

Moisturize Your Feet

Revitalize your tired tootsies with a rich moisturizer. A good foot lotion is not just a home pedicure essential, it’s an everyday must have. Place your favorite moisturizer on your bedside table and apply a generous amount to your feet every night before bed. Slip into socks and allow the lotion to sink in while you snooze. Lotion will combat cracks and keep feet smooth and sandal-ready.

Apply A Base Coat To Your Toenails

Remove oils from your toenails with cotton balls. This will help your base coat adhere to the nail. Whether you plan to add color to your toes or not, we do recommend a nourishing base coat nail polish to keep toenails from becoming brittle and breaking.

Polish Your Toenails

Brush two thin coats of your favorite nail polish onto your toenails. These days you can pick textured polishes for special effects, holographic polishes for shimmery interest, or brights in every color imaginable. If you want overly opaque toenails don’t add a ton of nail polish at once, go for a few extra coats, letting the polish dry completely between each coat. This process keeps nail polish from becoming gunky and smear-prone hours after your nails seem “dry.” What you sacrifice in time you recoup in salon-worthy results.

Apply A Topcoat To Your Toenails

Once the colored polish is completely dry, seal your lovely lacquer with a topcoat. If you prefer the classic glossy finish use the traditional topcoat for toenails that shine. But you can also find topcoats is all sorts of special finishes—try a matte topcoat or a 3D finish for a pedicure that pops. A good topcoat will keep your polish chip-free and vibrant for weeks.

Clean Up Any Messes

Use your favorite nail polish remover pen or a small nail art or artist’s brush dipped in polish remover to clean up any stray polish from your toes. This is the key to perfecting your pedicure.