Bilberry, extraordinary health benefits

Reasons to eat bilberry

This small fruit is a true wonder for health. It helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, to cure cystitis, to curb colds and to strengthen defenses. Know one by one the benefits of eating bilberry and try to have them always at hand.

Powerful and nutritious

It is one of the foods with the highest antioxidant content, they provide vitamin C, potassium and fiber.Virtues of the fruits of the forest.

Consumption grows of bilberry

They are presented as the ideal food, and their nutritional and healing properties become increasingly popular.

Against the “Metabolic syndrome”

The consumption of wild bilberry (2 cups per day) for 8 weeks managed to regulate the factors that favor the metabolic syndrome, which would reduce the need for medication and medical intervention.

Friend of the heart – Rich in polyphenols

The diet with this fruit in the long term can help improve the pathologies associated with the “metabolic syndrome”, is the term used to describe a set of risk factors for heart disease. These include obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Improve defenses

Above all bilberry may strengthen the immune system. They have a compound known as stilbene derivatives, which work together with vitamin D and can take care of the body’s defenses, decreasing the risk of diseases.

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They slow down diabetes

Bilberry reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 26% compared to 2% who manage to reduce it by consuming 3 servings of any other whole fruit. However, the juice of this fruit rich in antioxidants does not seem to have the same effect.

They speed up the brain

The bilberry provide its great antioxidant power. A supplement called NT 020 containing bilberry, green tea and vitamin D3 improves cognitive function in older adults, increasing the speed to process information.

Relieve cystitis

Above all urinary infections are very unpleasant, but now you have a new ally to defeat them: American bilberry juice, an effective alternative to antibiotics for the treatment and prevention of this disease.

Valuable proofs

However the consumption of 118 mg daily reduced urinary infections by 75% after 3 months of intake and by 93% after 6 months of consumption.

They make you smarter bilberry

Firstly eating *bilberry helps maintain mental acuity and decrease memory loss. Therefore, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds can delay cognitive deterioration by about 2.5 years.

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Lower blood pressure(bilberry)

Add them to breakfast, snack or eat them as fine sandwiches. Because those who eat a serving of bilberry a week, have 10% less chance of developing hypertension.

Fight colds

Not only are they rich in flavor, but also in vitamins A, B and C, which help strengthen the immune system and fight infections. In addition vitamin C will help you avoid bothersome colds and relieve flu-like symptoms.

Improve digestion and sight(bilberry)

Above all it has a good background in medicinal use. Certainly dry fruit has been popular for the symptomatic treatment of diarrhea and topical relief of mucous membrane inflammation. Likewise, for a variety of eye disorders, including low night vision, eye fatigue and myopia.

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