Cayenne Pepper Healing Properties

Above all, cayenne pepper has healing and soothing properties, it also helps in the slimming process and promotes overall health.

As a home remedy, it can be used to help maintain blood pressure, and control blood cholesterol levels, as long as the eating patterns of a healthy diet are followed.

Cayenne pepper it is a safe and effective tonic for the heart.

Use Pepper as an indispensable element in the first aid of a heart attack and as a strengthening tonic.

Combined with other medicinal herbs, they enhance their beneficial effects. In the Mediterranean diet, it is one of the most used species.

When a person consumes cayenne pepper regularly, it contributes to increase the metabolism by 25% more than normal.

When used daily, cayenne pepper is a powerful pain reliever. Use it as a complement to relieve muscle and joint pain (arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago and rheumatism). In addition, useful for the treatment of bruxism (when you rub your teeth and wear out) and to eliminate nasal congestion.

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Cayenne pepper contains an important component, “capsaicin.” This compound stimulates circulation and participates in digestion, favoring the production of saliva and digestive enzymes. In this way, it facilitates the absorption and assimilation of nutrients at the intestinal level. Capsaicin also induces the brain to produce endorphins (hormones that make us feel good).

When there is a bad blood supply, in the hands and lower extremities, cayenne pepper, facilitates circulation and helps prevent cooling.

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Cayenne Pepper reduces fever, chest congestion and sinusitis.

Also it is rich in vitamin A and C, which makes it an aid for the immune system.

However, cayenne pepper despite its properties, this seasoning is very stimulating of the gastric mucosa and should be used moderately.

Its components can burn the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and sensitive parts of the body.

It is very effective in a small amount. Therefore, use only 1 (one) teaspoon of tea daily, and fractionate it for lunches and dinners.

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