Ginkgo biloba Discover Benefits

Ginkgo biloba tree leaf extract is a natural remedy. Effective in combating circulatory disorders associated with aging. We explain its main benefits and how to take it.

Ginkgo biloba leaves contain fa class of flavonoids, terpenic lactones (ginkgOlidos) and phytosterols. They act as neuroprotectors, peripheral vasodilators, platelet antiaggregant, antihemorrhoidal, diuretic and antioxidant.

Chinese medicine

Ginkgo biloba seeds used to fight phlegm in asthmatic attacks and bronchitis, such as allergy. To treat urinary incontinence, childhood enuresis, bladder infection, vaginal candidiasis and as a renal tonic. The leaves relieve circulatory disorders, rheumatic swelling and skin problems.

Ginkgo is revealed as one of the most commonly used alternative medicine remedies to treat disorders associated with blood flow deficits at the brain level. But not in all cases there is scientific agreement about its benefits.

In summary below we detail the Ginkgo biloba. The pain and heaviness of the legs caused by a deficiency in the circulatory flow, known as intermittent claudication. Many people suffer, especially in maturity and old age. It also occurs in obese, sedentary people or with blood flow disorders. It can be very limiting for those who suffer from it. Ginkgo biloba has proven effective in relieving your symptoms and reducing discomfort when taken in prolonged and alternative treatments.

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The sense of vertigo

Venous disorders associated with poor blood flow, such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids, have a answer. Be it by mouth or the physical activity. Experts advise adding ginkgo biloba with other plants that complement it. Like the horse chestnut, the meliloto or the rusco.

It serves to prevent thromboembolism, arteriosclerosis and stroke, vasodilator and antioxidant effects, which act on the vascular mechanism. It can be a great help to facilitate recovery to people who have suffered this type of vascular accidents.

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