High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes and Testing Techniques

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure does not usually produce symptoms. If, however, you experience any of the following, see a doctor (High Blood Pressure Symptoms):

• Recurring headaches
• Dizziness
• Unexplained sweating
• Nosebleeds
• Visual disturbances
• Shortness of breath
• Flushed cheeks
• Ringing in the ears

 Root Causes

• A diet that’s high in fat, sugar, and/or salt
• Use of alcohol or caffeine and other stimulants
• Smoking
• Obesity
• Inactivity
• Pregnancy or birth-control pills
• Underlying medical disorders
• Heavy-metal poisoning
• Stress

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Testing Techniques

The following tests help assess possible metabolic reasons for high blood pressure:
Vitamin and mineral analysis—blood or urine (High *Blood Pressure Symptoms)
Food allergy testing—blood or electrodermal
Toxic metals (lead, cadmium, etc.)—hair or urine

High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Causes: Use of alcohol or caffeine and other stimulants