Hypothyroid Symptoms

Although hypothyroidism can wreak havoc upon a patient’s entire body, it is easy to treat, especially if caught in its early stages. If you suspect that you have an underactive thyroid, measure your basal body temperature by taking your temperature at the same time every morning, before you get out of bed, for several days in a row. If your body temperature is consistently low, you should see a doctor for an evaluation. For mild cases, nutritional supplements can set you back on track quickly. For people with more severe cases, the use of thyroid-hormone replacement may be required. Even if you require a thyroid-hormone supplement, you should complement this regime of supplementation with dietary changes, stress-reducing activities, exercise, and general hormone balancing.

For mild cases, nutritional supplements can set you back on track quickly.
A word of caution: Many doctors rely on a blood test known as TSH to diagnose hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, this test by itself is extremely unreliable and often fails to catch mild to moderate cases of the disorder. If your basal body temperature is consistently low and if you experience the symptoms described here, but your blood test does not reveal hypothyroidism, consider working with a more holistic doctor for preventative care.

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• Fatigue
• Anxiety and panic attacks
• Apathy
• Poor memory and concentration
• Depression and irritability
• Low libido
• Weight gain
• Headaches
• Aches and pains
• Premenstrual syndrome
• Sensitivity to cold and heat
• Lowered immunity
• Constipation
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Menstrual problems (irregular periods and heavy periods)
• Raynaud’s phenomenon
• Water retention
• Recurring infections
• Dry eyes/blurred vision
• High cholesterol
• Eyebrow loss (outer one-third)
• Hair loss
• Anemia and easy bruising
• Dry skin and hair
• Slow healing
• Brittle, peeling nails
• Hoarse voice
• Infertility
• Tingling hands and feet
• Insomnia
• Decreased perspiration
• Decreased hearing
• Full sensation in throat, hoarseness
• Swelling of the face
• Slow pulse
• Swelling of the ankles
• Slow reflexes
• Chilliness
• Low body temperature
• Muscle aches
• Muscle weakness