Long and strong eyelashes


Eyelashes: Most of the time, the part that we like most about another person is the eyes. And what better than having long lashes to make them look even better? It is a fact that there are many factors such as genetics, age, medical conditions, infections, hormonal changes or even nutritional deficiencies that can affect the size and health of the eyelashes, but it is definitely possible to reverse it and get perfect eyelashes. The most important thing is to take care of them like any other part of the body, not forgetting them and keep in mind that after all they are fragile. So that you do not suffer the fall of your eyelashes and make them longer and stronger, we present 3 home remedies, with products that you can find very easily so that you start applying today and your look is even more impressive than before.

Olive oil:

Since always, olive oil has been known as a natural remedy to help hair grow. For this reason, it is ideal to help have long eyelashes. Olive oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and oleic acid that helps to give volume to the eyelashes, to keep them healthy and strong, and to maintain a dark color. How to apply: To give volume and growth to your eyelashes with olive oil, pour a little oil into a cotton and apply it carefully on your lashes. Sleep with the olive oil, and rinse it in the morning with warm water. Repeat the daily process for several weeks to notice results.


As already mentioned, vitamin E is ideal for growing eyelashes, and if you do not want to use olive oil, you can use Vaseline. Applying Vaseline regularly on the lashes will make them thicker and much stronger, helping them to not fall off. How to apply it: Use an old mascara brush that no longer has product and apply petroleum jelly on it. Pass it through your lashes, making sure that Vaseline covers each one well. Do it at night as a ritual, and rinse them in the morning. Make sure you do it daily for several months to notice results.

Castor oil:

Castor oil has many benefits, not only for eyelashes, but also for hair and eyebrows. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which combined with the nutrients that make it. Make it ideal for eyelashes to grow long and strong. It is also a natural source of omega 6 fats, proteins and vitamins. That will cause the eyelashes to strengthen and grow dramatically. How to apply it: First of all, make sure that the castor oil that you buy or that you have at home is natural and free of hexane. Wash your eyes thoroughly before applying it so that its effect is more powerful and faster. Moisten with a couple of drops of castor oil a cotton and apply it carefully. Sleep with the oil and rinse it in the morning with warm water. Repeat the process several times a week to notice results.