Kumquat can help you improve your health

Kumquat are usually tiny, oblong citrus fruits. They normally are in between one or two inches lengthy and also have leather like orange or even yellow skin.
Botanically, they belong to the Rutaceae family, in the genus, Fortunella.

Although kumquats taste just like that of other citrus category fruits, they are distinguished in a way that they can be eaten completely including the peel.

Kumquats are a small sized evergreen tree native to South-Eastern parts of mountainous China. Today, they are grown for their delicious fruits and as an ornamental tree in many parts of the world, including USA. A mature kumquat tree bears several hundred olive-sized, brilliant orange color fruits in the winter. On the Interior, the fruit resembles miniaure juicy orange-like segments (arils), firmly adhereing to each other and with the peel. The pulp has 1-2 seeds placed centrally. The seeds are bitter in taste as in oranges.

Kumquat contains a good amount of antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and phytonutrients that protect from free radicals.
Thus, it is effective to protect from cancer, ageing, inflammation, degenerative diseases and diabetes.
Also, it contains a variety of nutrients that make it healthy fruit.

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Cancer Prevention (Kumquat)

Packed with essential flavonoids such as carotenoids, lutein, tannins, zeaxanthin and tannins, kumquats have a great potential to act as efficient anti-cancer agents. These flavonoids weed out carcinogens, resisting the growth of tumor. With sufficient flavonoids inside, your system is resistant enough to fight cancer-causing agents and destructive microbes.
Antioxidants and phytonutrients protect the body from oxygen free radicals. Free radicals are produced due to oxidative stress. These free radicals damage DNA of the cell and turn the healthy cell into a cancer cell. But antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and acts as a shield to protect DNA from free radicals. Thus, it is effective to protect from cancer. Researchs suggested that kumquat oil could help to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Cardiovascular Health

Eating kumquat lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Thus, it increases the flow of blood in the nervous system and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
Kumquat contains a good amount of potassium that increase the fluid level. Thus, it helps to maintain blood pressure and heart rate.

Also, it contains a good amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Thus, it provides complete health benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Protein Source

kumquats are an excellent source of protein. One 16-ounce serving of kumquats equals up to 6.4 grams of protein. That’s a decent-sized amount for a fruit. Just combine slices of this with your favorite tree nuts, and you can skip the meat all together.

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Kumquats fruits are innately rich in vitamin C, a water soluble substance responsible for fighting infection causing organisms in your system. It penetrates deep into the cell membrane and protects it from bacterial and viral agents. An adequate daily intake of vitamin C also ensures you a problem free heart, stroke prevention, and reduced risks of osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

When eating a kumquat, you don’t peel the skin, you eat the whole thing. That way, it not only cuts down the tartness, but one consumes the peel, which is rich in antioxidant properties. kumquat peels may be regarded as a rich source of potentially bioactive polyphenols.” Antioxidant rich foods are important for fighting the effects of free radicals, which can potentially harm cells and may play a role in the development of cancer.

Immune System

Kumquats are rich in Vitamin C. It helps to stimulate the growth of new cells and increases the activity of the immune system to keep our body protected from foreign invaders, infections, bacteria, and fungi. Without vitamin C as our first line of defense, we would not only be unable to protect ourselves, but we also wouldn’t be able to heal.

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Weight Control

The high fiber content, high water content, low calories, and significant carb content make kumquats ideal for people trying to lose weight. They will fill you up and keep you healthy, which will reduce your urge to overeat.

Strong Bones

The significant calcium content in kumquats means that those who partake in this delectable, tiny fruit will also be helping to protect your bones over the long term. High calcium levels means that you have more calcium deposits in your body, increasing your rate of healing and ensuring that your bones stay healthy and strong well into your older ages.