Bay leaf: benefits and medicinal uses

Properties of the bay leaf

The laurel is an evergreen tree, native to southern Europe. Its main characteristic is in its leaves, which give off a pleasant and penetrating aroma.
Being an aromatic herb, bay leaves are a spice and not an edible plant itself. Therefore, bay leaves are related to cooking and natural medicine.

Laurel is a plant, where the leaves are generally used for culinary and medical purposes. Above all, the essential oil of laurel, which is obtained from the leaves and fruits and is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

The bay leaf* also contains high levels of antioxidants and minerals, as well as vitamins, type A, C and complex B. In addition, they have anxiolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Benefits and medicinal uses of the bay leaf

Digestive system:

It is cholagogue, because it stimulates the segregation of bile. Therefore, it facilitates digestion, relieving acidity, intestinal spasms and preventing gastrointestinal gas. They also have the property of improving and stimulating appetite.

Respiratory system:

The bay leaf* works as a natural remedy, to clear the airways, against the flu and colds, and even helps treat allergy and asthma problems, promoting good breathing.

Circulatory System:

It is vasoconstrictor, so the bay leaf helps improve blood circulation and benefits the nervous system, making it ideal for treating migraines and headaches.


The bay leaf* helps fight rheumatic diseases, relieves pain and inflammation, both of the muscles and of the affected joints.

Regulator of menstruation:

The bay leaf, calms menstrual cramps, reduces bleeding in periods that are too abundant and promotes it, in those periods that are scarce.


The bay leaf is also beneficial for the kidneys, since it is diuretic and promotes sweating. It favors the elimination of liquids, so it is used in slimming diets. But it also eliminates toxins and reduces the presence in the body of uric acid.


It is moisturizing, since the bay leaf, has an oil rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, its topical use can favor the appearance of the skin. It also regenerates the epidermis, and treat certain skin conditions, caused by fungi, as well as burns, ulcers, abscesses or acne.

Hair treatment:

The essential oil of the bay leaf* exerts a regenerating effect on the scalp. In addition, it has the ability to fight dandruff, seborrhea and other disorders, related to hair loss. Therefore, it can help prevent baldness or delay its onset, due to its nutrient content, such as niacin. In addition, its contribution in calcium as well as Pantothenic acid, give more strength to the hair.

Immune system:

Being a source of antioxidants, the bay leaf helps increase defenses and protect the body against harmful external agents.

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