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Dietary Vitamin B12 Supplement.

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Vitamin B12, such as energy production, hematopoiesis, DNA synthesis and myelin formation.

Also known as Cobalamin is one of the most important for the body. Its importance is essential to maintain neurons and blood cells. It is essential in the production of DNA, the genetic material present in the body.

In addition, it prevents megaloblastic anemia, which is what causes fatigue and weakness in people.

As we said, vitamin B12 Supplement is essential for the formation of red blood cells, works synergistically with folic acid for the synthesis of DNA and also helps for the formation of white blood cells, responsible for the defense of the body. against possible infections.

On the other hand, it will contribute to the health of the nervous system by creating the honey pod that isolates the nerves and will also prevent it from accumulating in excess cholesterol in the blood. Myelin is the layer that isolates and protects the nerve endings and, in turn, allows communication between them.

Its adequate levels in the body help to have a good metabolism, as well as to improve cellular function and mood.

If more than 5 years of vitamin B12 deficiency happen, the consequences are very negative, even at risk of death.

Vitamin B12 Supplement is a vitamin belonging to vitamins that dissolve in water. But unlike these, has the particularity of not being expelled by the body through the urine. The liver, kidneys and other organs store it, to be used. With which the body has “reserves” of this vitamin for a period of time in case of not receiving sufficient input from it.

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